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Paper - 1:points:
    -Sketch, outlined and colors - Heven Redesign by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -Paper Doll (I don't have an example of this other than an old one. So I guess the outcome will be a mystery? Sorry ;; )
Digital - 2:points:
    -Lineart, colored and shaded - (I'm sorry it's small) Aranck the Flying Pig by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -+1:points: if more than one person

Custom Adopts:
Update: Gem customs

     Sonic/Anthro/FNaF - 2-3:points:
    Human/Humanoid - 1-2:points:
            Extra Items?:

    Gem(s) - 2-4:points:

Next Generation Baby(ies) - 1-3:points:
            How many would you like? (Max - 5):
Examples (I'm sorry some of these examples are sketches, all customs will be on digital) :
    -Sonic: Custom for JustKid123 by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -Anthro: Custom for The-Badger-Wolf by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -FNaF: Five Nights At Freddy's Adopt by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -Human: Suzu Hato by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -Humanoid: Pinku the Pachirisu by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    -Next Generation Babies: Five Nights at Freddy's Babies by ShelbytheHedgeRay

Adopt Prices Lowered (Ignore any 'Closed I'm keeping this one/these' if you see them. Also read the comments first - some adopts have not been marked adopted. Sorry)

    Sonic Cat Adopt OPEN PRICE LOWERED by ShelbytheHedgeRay Sonic Mobian Cat Open 1-2:points:
    Random Female Adopts OPEN by ShelbytheHedgeRay Panda Girl Open 1:points:
    Sonic Bunny Adopts by ShelbytheHedgeRay Sonic Bunny Adopts 18/18 Open 1:points:
    Sonic Cat Adopts by ShelbytheHedgeRay Sonic Cat/Kitten Adopts 9/10 Open 1:points:
    Sonic Fruit Adopts by ShelbytheHedgeRay Sonic Fruit Adopts 8/10 Open 1:points:
    Chibi Adopt 1 by ShelbytheHedgeRay , Chibi Adopt 4 by ShelbytheHedgeRay and Chibi Adopt 5 by ShelbytheHedgeRay 3/3 Open all 1:points:
    Chibi Me Character #1 by ShelbytheHedgeRay Half Human Half Goat Adopt Open 1-2:points:
    ADOPTABLE: Pig by ShelbytheHedgeRay Sonic Pig Adopt Open 1:points:

I hope these prices are alright.

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Art Trade JustKid123 by ShelbytheHedgeRay
Art Trade JustKid123
An Art Trade with :iconjustkid123:
I did the sketches last night, but I went to be before I could finish. And I wasn't gonna take my markers with me (because I'm scared of losing them ;; ), so I did it when I got home.
1.) Lee the Hedgehog
I hope you don't mind that I edited him a bit. I put some blue on the end of his spikes and tips of his ears. He was fun to draw and I added some fluffyness or messyness to his fur. c:
2.) Grace the Hedgehog
I also edited her a bit too. I did her hair lighter than her fur and the blue and blonde combine...I also did an anime hairstyle...she looks so cute. >u<
3.) Mei-Ling the Bobcat
I'm sorry that the color isn't exactly right, I don't have that type of colored pencil, so I had to mix dark/navy blue and still doesn't look right. ;; Sorry
4.) Denny the Lop-Eared Bunny
He's a wittle bunni dawwww~! I wanna hug him ;u; H-he looks so fluffy!!!
5.) Rorke the Seagull
I'm not very good with birds...I had to search up some examples to get it right....I can't draw beaks...;;
6.) Sierra the Coyote
I know I didn't right it correct on the paper...;; I like the way she acts, so I gave her a bit of change in eyes: nice=blue, serious/ keeps reminding me of 3D glasses...Idunno ;; But she's cute. ;w;

Characters belongs to :iconjustkid123:

Collab with KirisakiCreamy by ShelbytheHedgeRay
Collab with KirisakiCreamy
A friends collab with :iconkirisakicreamy:
No. My character is a Next Gen., not something that looks exactly like Sonic...okay he deals a bit of Sonic. He's a Next Generation character. I'm never telling you who he's shipped with for this kid though. ouo
I'm gonna be using Blast now. But Blasty is my boy. He's my baby. owo
Anyways, I hope this is alright.
Finally, to start the art trade. c: Hopefully I have enough time to at least get the sketches done.

Base by :iconmissbeigepony:

Customs for Eclipsethecat4 by ShelbytheHedgeRay
Customs for Eclipsethecat4
Here's your customs, :iconeclipsethecat4:
I'm sorry that these guys don't really have any good designs. ;; But I like how the Amy and Rouge one came out.
From left to right: Cat/Dragon, Shadow x Amy, Rouge x Amy, Sonic x Amy.
The total is 5:points:. c:

Bases by :icondajamodernthehedgie:

:iconeclipsethecat4: Customs: 2/4 Done
:iconjustkid123: Art Trade: Starting
Question: Does anyone have commissions open???
I don't really have anything else to do other than some customs for a friend but I still don't have the info of what she'd like, so does anyone wanna do something? Like a art trade or collab? I'm really wanting to do a collab- friends, couple, anything else.
Is anyone wanting to do an art trade or collab???
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United States
Hi c:
I have a goal right now; to get 200:points: or above. Right now I have 18:points:. So to get it, I'm opening adopts, custom adopts and commissions.

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