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deviation in storage by FacelessKiwi
Hello! c: I've been trying to get some more points for the contest just in case, but barely of these babies are getting adopted. I really don't want them to not have a home on Christmas, so I decided to drop the prices on the adopts. c: Please adopt them: they'll be alone on Christmas. Be aware that they're all Sonic female characters. You're allowed to change their clothes, age and gender, but don't change them completely!

Fruit Adopts

Sonic Fruit Adopts by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    #1- 3:points:
    #2- 4:points:
    #4- 2:points:
    #5- 3:points:
    #6- 5:points:
    #7- 4:points:
    #8- 3:points:
    #9- 3:points:
    #10- 4:points:

SSB Item Based Adopts

SSB Item Based Sonic Adopts by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    #1- 3:points:
    #2- 2:points:
    #3- 5:points:
    #4- 4:points:
    #5- 4:points:
    #7- 5:points:
    #8- 3:points:
    #9- 4:points:
    #10- 2:points:

Sonic Next Generation Adopts

Next Generation Sonic Adopts by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    #1- 4:points: CLOSED keeping
    #2- 4:points: CLOSED keeping, sorry ;;
    #3- 3:points:
    #6- 2:points: CLOSED keeping
    #8- 2:points:
    #9- 2:points:
    #10- 2:points:

Holiday Sonic Adopts

Holiday Sonic Adopts OPEN by ShelbytheHedgeRay
    #1- 4:points:
    #5- 4:points:
    #6- 3:points:   
    #7- 3:points:

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Drinking: Root Beer
Hello! c:
I've been planning to do this for a while, but I wasn't able to because of all the things I've been needing to do and the lack of points. Now, I think it'd be alright. I know holidays are coming up, but I'll make it to where anyone has enough time to do this. But I don't think anyone will join...oh well, might as well give it a shot.
I'm really wanting to draw a couple I have, but I wasn't able to: I couldn't get the poses correct, any bases that would fit it, etc. ...that and those really weren't my drawing days.
Anyways, the couple is Sammy and Shelby. I know you guys don't know a lot about Sammy, since I only drew him once and that was it. I brought him back and got him with Shelby. 
Here he is: Sammy(request from shelbythehedgeray) by Cupcakeswuv 
You guys should know my main character. You can draw or write anything about the couple: hanging out, something based on the holidays, etc. 

My goal for this is to get at least one person to try it out.
These will be the prizes:
    1st: 20:points:, 3 customs and 3 free adopts from any sheet of mine
    2nd: 10:points:, 2 customs and 2 free adopts from any sheet of mine
    3rd: 2 customs, 2 free adopts from any sheet of mine and a llama if not given one already
Finally, this contest will end on January 6th at 6:00 PM...can't help it: #6 is my lucky number. If you need the time extended, please ask. Please don't use a base.
But that's all you need to know. c:

People Joining:
    None right now...

Please join. Most of my contests nominee joins. This'll be a deal: if only one person joins, they get all the prizes. 

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Watching: Futurama


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Hi c:

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