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..::~Singing the Same Tune~::.. by ShelbytheHedgeRay
..::~Singing the Same Tune~::..

I'm back from partying and art block...not really art block, I just couldn't get poses and stuff right QmQ
So...I've been thinking of Heaven and Makoto and kinda thought of making them a couple perhaps?
I decided to make a thing based from a Sonic X scene from the episode Mission: Match Up. I know there isn't much people that like Sonic X. I'm a half and half person. I don't really like Chris. o.o
I also decided for Makoto to have red or red-pinkish eyes instead.
Also, the background is based from a contest thing I did long ago. A contest entry made by I wuv the picture so much >u<
Finally, this is kinda based on a song I can't stop listening to.
So...what do you think about them together??? o.o?

Stuff I've Kinda Been Hiding o.o by ShelbytheHedgeRay
Stuff I've Kinda Been Hiding o.o

Here's SOME characters I've kinda been hiding...o.o My hand starting cramping up after a while, so I just started pasteing the characters. I hope it's alright for me to do that QmQ
I either made these on… or

or a I drew them on a base by :iconkoru-ru:
Some of these are random ship kids. For fun, I'll hand out some points- 10:points:- if you can get the ship. o.o I'll give some hints
SO, these are some characters I've kinda kept to myself.
Heaven Hope Lively: Tomodachi changes you man. o.o I loved this one outfit on Heaven, so I gave it to her. She's a gamer now c:
Moon Cat Miller: What use to be Water, she's now named Moon. I'm too much into Steven Universe so I kinda based her and the next off of gems. I adopted the outfit from :iconkyaklutz:. It's adorable >u<
Rosaline June Miller: Moon's sister. She likes boxing and based off of the Rosaline gem. That's basically it c:
Opal Maria Oliver: I can't believe I forgot her! QmQ She's a cyborg and she loves fandoms c:
Huskey-guy baby: I asked my friend, Sarah to make me a custom that's half huskey because I'm going crazy after I asked :iconhappy-fluffy-adopts: for Shiba Inus...I'm going crazy in love for them, they're adorable. c: I don't know what to name this one, QmQ
Cupid the Cat and Free the Hedgehog: Some females I adopted from :iconsparkleglitter1:. They're cute. I have too many females, but eh these two are adorable.
Alex Glass: What use to be S or Ayaka...I'm keeping the old outfit for her though. This one: . I don't know what else to say. o.o
Niko and Nash Campbell: Two anthros...okay I adopted Niko, and I interverted the color and wanted to have Nash also, so that's how they because twins. I made them different though...well...tried to.
Bucky: I forget who I adopted him from. He's so adorable!!! I love him to death, even though he's hard to draw. Nawww I wanna cuddle him...I can...*cuddles*
Dan Lively: A design for David...mkay I'll explain: something happened to David and he turned into a spiritish thing? I dunno c: He is cute though, even if he's shorter and his voice is higher.
Alien: Adopted him from :icon . I did adopt him, trust me ;; well...on a different account...I couldn't resist, he's so adorable c:
Baby Girl: A Anime guy x OC baby. I think she's alright. I've been hooked to Hetalia so...nya c: Can I have help with her name?
Gummi: Another one- actually, the next 8 characters are- I did randomly. OC x OC this time. I don't know, I missed a character of mine having a rainbow theme, and I was looking at gems again.
Buttermilk?: Hmm...I don't know what to name her. o.o Another OC x OC. She's got some hedge in her.
Merhog: Another. This time, Sonic x OC. Mkay I gave one part away, but you have to get the other right. I dunno, I've also been hooked to merhogs for some reason.
Seedhogs: At first, these were gonna be adopts, but I decided to keep them...seedhogs...heh...
Aaron and Abbie: Okay, I'm going ahead and saying this is NashxRosaline's kids. Nothing else to say really
Another Baby Girl: Another Anime Guy x OC. AoT. There's the hint ._.
Genesis 'Paws' Brown: Another old character, use to be a personality of Shelby and now is a devil gal. But she's so adorable c:
And last but not least...*drum roll*
Alice Linx:
Okay you guys should know who her parents are. I made it to where she actually resembles her parents. c': Thank you Dreamselfy for adorable outfits. I wish there was more male outfits though.
So that's all of them. For now. There's some more, but that'll be for another time. This description is lone. o.o Imma go now. Byyyyyyiiiiiie

PopCon was fun c: I got a ton of Hetalia buttons and a Eren Funko POP.
Sadly, I didn't get to see my favorite YouTubers, but I saw Mark's face for a single second. I also saw Lordminion777 and Bob's faces (my god they're tall o.o ). I'm sad I didn't get to give Mark the letter, but I saw his face for one second. I'm happy c':
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Outfit Adopt 2/5 Open by ShelbytheHedgeRay
Outfit Adopt 2/5 Open
I got bored, so I decided to make some outfit adopts. Sorry they're higher than usual. I like the outfits.
Some of these are based off of ONaF. I like the game, it's cute yet scary at the same time. c:
Also, for #5, there's spoilers about the game. So don't read the explaining of it if you hate spoilers. Thank you.
1.) Basic Outfit 10:points:
    Owner: :icontoniegamer:
2.) Cupcake Outfit 30:points: (sorry I like this one)
    Owner: Open
3.) Pizza Outfit 7:points:
4.) Birthday Boy Blam Fan Outfit 9:points:
    Owner: :iconlove-captain:
5.) Flumpty's BFF Outfit 10:points:
    Let me explain this one.
Warning, there's spoilers (because I know how people get about this. If you dont't wanna know, try to skip this.): if you beat Hard Boiled Mode, you go to the newpaper, saying you're Flumpty's new best friend. Let's say you get a/an award from it also. It's a sweater/t-shirt, saying you are now Flumpty's BFF. But it's kinda small though.
    Owner: Open
One Night's At Flumpty's Birthday Boy and Flumpty belongs to JonBro
Base belongs to :iconkoru-ru:
Loading...'s Sonic's birthday. I would draw something buuuuut...I can't really draw Sonic anymore...he's hard to draw now...or at least for me QmQ
I'm gonna try drawing him again soon though
Anyways, but that doesn't mean I can't write a journal
Sonic has gotten...weird....with Sonic Boom and all, and that ever since Sonic 06, he's had the most glitchy games. Personally, I like the Sonic Boom glitch because of the Knuckles Jump (I think it's gone now though QmQ). But that doesn't matter. Sonic's still a good character: yeah he's just another hero everyone admires and ships with many, MANY people. I have to admit, I ship him with one of my characters...QmQ
But all of that doesn't matter. I like the ships and stuff. Pushing that aside, no matter what, I'll love Sonic. He's amazing, he's funny (him and the games...glitches can make people laugh), he's cute (It's so fluffy!...?), and no matter what happens, I'll stay a Sonic fan. Sure, I am drifting away to newer games that are fun and funny to play (I'm restarting Rayman Origins and right now I'm stuck on Tomodachi's addicting), but I still like Sonic. 
Throughout all the years of his life, even if there's haters and such, I don't care, he's still amazing. 
Maybe the next game, SEGA will actually take their time and improve Sonic games, like when they introduced Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. 
Still, I can't believe he's a year older...sorry bud I forgot your birthday QmQ...or at least in human years...he's probably 16 now? Maybe??? In his years, last time I checked, he's still 15. o.o He's close to my age...holy crap O.O
Happy Birthday Sonic, and I hope you have many more games, even if they turn out glitchy...just please don't do Sonic 06 again...the glitches a-and the...bleh
And now it's time to fight off the people that like it: okay, I like Elise, I really do, but you gotta admit, many people cringed when they saw *SPOILERS* Elise kiss Sonic. And I gotta say also, that was really, REALLY cheesy. Like Disney Princesses cheesy. But I do like Elise and I guess I kinda ship Sonic with her...
Okay. Again, Happy Birthday Sonic!!! To the blue blur! *holds up glass of milk*....what? I typed this right when I got up...bleh 
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PopCon was fun c: I got a ton of Hetalia buttons and a Eren Funko POP.
Sadly, I didn't get to see my favorite YouTubers, but I saw Mark's face for a single second. I also saw Lordminion777 and Bob's faces (my god they're tall o.o ). I'm sad I didn't get to give Mark the letter, but I saw his face for one second. I'm happy c':
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Hi c:

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